Pyrotechnics and Fireworks

Mention Pyrotechnics and everyone thinks of fireworks, but this is a fraction of what it’s all about

Pyrotechnics, by definition, differ from flame effects as they consist of a chemical composition containing its own oxidising agent which, when ignited, produces a instant aural or visual effect designed to startle your audience, create explosions, hide a mechanical effect or, as in the case of a firework display, entertain large numbers of guests.

We can design and build bespoke pyrotechnic effects to your specification.


Whether you need a simple flash pot to mask the disappearance of a Genie in the Lamp, giant fire balls to simulate munitions, smaller, controlled explosions milliseconds apart to simulate shell hits or a firework display set to music – Back Stage technologies can help.

Nothing gives a show impact like pyrotechnics. From a simple comet star high in the night sky to a
massive rolling ball of orange flame and black smoke. Our expert pyrotechnic crew can create a one-off
spectacular or design a complete stage show to repeat, on cue, every hour!

If you’re thinking of a pyrotechnic special effect, be it a tiny test tube explosion, multiple bombing runs, explosion sequences continuing into controlled burning environments, squib hits, body burn special effects or vehicle crash and burn sequences, we’d like to help.

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