Electro-Mechanical Systems & Show Action

Mechanical Effects

Mechanical effects (also called Show Action effects), are one type of practical effects used in a show (as opposed to digital or video effects) which incorporates the use of hidden mechanics to make physical stage and show elements, scenery, characters, and even entire rooms move and animate by automated, interactive or manual activation. These movements can be powered by electrical motors, hydraulics, or pneumatic elements or a combination of all three.

Making a car appear to drive by itself, taking a ride in a rickety elevator, simulating an earthquake, having a room transform from one look to another or disappear entirely around an amazed audience are all examples of mechanical effects.

From simple breakaway props to lavish and complicated robotics the Back Stage Technologies’s design team consistently amaze and surprise audiences around the World creating fantastic and breathtaking effects.

No one effect is the same as the next and so each bespoke design and installation is unique to each of our clients.

From falling rocks to swaying trees, from fantasy creatures to hyper fast show controlled doors and from lightning strikes to earthquakes; Back Stage Technologies has both the knowledge and the experience to engineer, design and build that extra special effect for you.

Show Action Equipment

Back Stage Technologies’ Show Action equipment is engineered and built to last, works working dependably behind the scenes to create repeatable, realistic motion at exhibitions, stage events, shows, theme parks, theater productions, museums, casinos, retail and corporate centers. Whether large or small, if you need it to shake, spin, rise, or drop reliably over and over again, our robust show action systems can make it happen.

Hand crafted and rigorously tested to ensure that safety is never compromised, our show action equipment and mechanical effects are trusted and respected by both show designers and producers
alike. Our portfolio includes:

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