Cryogenic and Fog Special Effects

The science of Cryogenics has found its way into the entertainment field. In fact, it is an integral part of the special effects industry. Most of the fantastic special effects that you see where smoke shoots out of blasting cannons or creeps into the audience or steam bursts from the mouth of a fire-breathing dragon are achieved through the use of cryogenic effects. Back Stage Technologies uses its own special recipes, combining all known ways and some proprietary mixes to effectively create these spectacular special effects emulating fog, smoke, and haze.

Back Stage Technologies Ice Cannons are known throughout the industry and provide awesome blasts of dense fog that can engulf an entire area in just a few seconds. We can also supply our custom Expansion Foggers which create large a high volume of low fog effects for masks, reveals and for use in 3D theatres, cinemas, stage productions movie sets and more.

Back Stage Technologies is now teaming with Stirling Cryogenics, the world-leading innovator of stand-alone cooling systems. With the unique Liquid Air (LA) plant developed through this collaboration, now you can have full control of your cryogenic effects. All you need is electricity, air, and

We can create these amazing effects:

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